Awards Committee

NCSPA Graduate Student Award

Nominate an exemplary graduate student!

The Purpose: To recognize graduate student leaders’ contributions to their university, NCSPA, or the field of school psychology as a whole.

Eligibility: Graduate Student Member of NCSPA at time of nomination

Criteria for Selection: Exemplifies qualities of a leader in at least one of the following areas:

  • Research: Through research, bringing the field of school psychology toward a desired outcome (e.g., thesis/dissertation research, articles in NASP publications). 
  • Innovative practices: Implementing Evidence Based Practices to help solve a problem, providing training in the implementation of an innovative practice, or providing research to document the effectiveness of a new and innovative practice within a school or school system. 
  • Social justice: Demonstrating a significant commitment to social justice within the field of school psychology/ education (e.g., advocacy for minoritized groups, service on an equity committee/ task force) 
  • NCSPA leadership: Providing a significant amount of support in the implementation of committee strategic goals and assisting in initiatives related to current NCSPA key issues (e.g., member engagement and racial equity).

Nomination and Selection Process:
Candidates may self-nominate or be nominated by someone else. A nomination form (Google Form) addressing the above criteria shall be completed. The deadline for nominations is June 1st each year. Send nominations to the Awards Committee Chair.

The Awards Committee Chair will verify that the person being nominated meets the eligibility criteria and then send electronic copies of the nomination material (with identifying information removed) to each member of the Awards Committee. A rubric will be provided to each committee member to complete on each of the candidates presented. These rubrics will be completed and returned to the Awards Committee Chair. The Awards Committee Chair will tally the ratings and identify the person who has been selected. The winner will be notified first and then the other nominees will be sent a letter regarding the fact that they were not selected. The winner will be recognized at the Fall Conference.